Born in 1970, half Vietnamese and half African-American, Jean Pierre Derouard began his career at age 8 playing the drums and the classical percussion. When he was only 5 years old he discovered his passion for the trumpet while listening to Louis Armstrong and he told his parents that one day he would play the trumpet as well. But it wasn’t until 2000 that the young musician became more seriously involved with his art. Yet from the outset it became clear that young Jean Pierre developed a true, deep, and abiding feel for jazz. This was his passion, and it has never left him.
           Today Jean Pierre is considered one of France's most dynamic drummers in his generation. And, naturally equipped with a visionary mind, Jean Pierre's outward progression has led him to several great teachers, many of whom have aided in his progression as an artist. 1997 he was privileged to become the drummer of the Philippe Duchemin Trio for 4 years where he continued to take on new approaches while refining his own original vision.
            In the following years Jean Pierre performed all over Europe (France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, England, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Danmark, Italy) as well as worldwide (Africa, Manila, China) - and all in different formations such as with:
Dany Doriz, Dado Moroni, Kevin Mahogany, Claude Bolling big band, Marc Fosset, Alain Mayeras, Pete Alan, Benny Bailley, Daniel Huck, Rhoda Scott, Bob Wilber, Pierre Boussaguet, Fabien Mary, Akain Mayeras, Gianni Basso, François Guin, Ronald Baker, Scott Hamilton, Duffy Jackson (former drummer of Count BASIE), Tony Sola, Nicolas Payton aswell as with the claquettiste Chuck Green and the singers Mandy Gaines, Linda Hopkins, Yan Harrington and many more. The drive and the energy that he experienced while touring worldwide has bestowed upon his musical vision an openness to integrate
            In another tun of fate, Jean Pierre enounters in 2004 the virtous catalan pianist Ignasi Terraza, with whom he started touring throughout Spain. There he gained valuable experience which introduced him to further engagements in Spain. The Barcelona Jazz Orchestra discovered his talent and made him come to Barcelona on a regular basis to play with them.
           The natural next step for him was to found his own swinging big band (Tribute to Count Basie) in 2005 where he is playing the drums. And it is also the right time to create a way to express his musical gift of playing the trumpet. He forms his own quartet and a sextet to pay homage to one of his idols : Louis Armstrong.
           In 2006 Manu Dibango asks him to play in a series of concerts and to record a disc with him in the studio DAVOUT in PARIS. Not long after he receives a phone call from the pianist Raphael Lemonnier, who was looking for a strong drummer for a project with the gifted singer China Moses (daughter of Dee Dee Bridegwater). Since 2007 he has toured with them extensively throughout Europe and the world, including invitations to Japan (Blue Note Festival) and to India. This project gained more and more public attention and the group has become more cohesive. The following recording with BLUE NOTE took place in the old style: all the musicians performed together and the best take was used in its entirety for the actual release.
           Adding to an already fruitful period, Jean Pierre plays in 2007 with Brad Lealy (former saxophonist of Harry Connick jr and the Count Basie Bigband) and goes on tour with Lou Donaldson (disciple of Charlie Parker). In 2008 he is ready to realize another one of his dreams : He founds his Trio with David Salesse (contrabass), Arnaud Labastie (piano) and himself on the drums. He plays with the legendary and former saxophonist of Art Blakey, Benny Golson. He plays and records with Jessie Davis the same year and appears at the Jazz Festival San Sebastian with one of the former saxophone players of Count Basie, Frank Wess.
           Most recently he has played with Dado Moroni, Reggie Johnson, Kevin Mahogany.